Saturday, November 20, 2010

CADERS (Early Readers): Posting #4

And a fourth very early CADERS reader (Refer to Nove 14th posting for full explanation of CADERS). Remember, it's all in the child's ability to figure out the words (Go ahead and give her the word, "this") -- and the illustrations!:

             Bed Has a Wig

This bed has a wig.

This can has a wig.

This bib has a wig.

This pot has a wig.

This box has a wig.

This mud has a wig.

I have a wig!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

CADERS (Early Readers): Posting # 3

And yet one more very early reader (Refer to November 14th posting for full description and purpose for CADERS):

      Me, Too

You run.
Me, too.

You sit.
Me, too.

You kiss.
Me, too.

You yell.
Me, too.

You nap.
Me, too.

You hop.
Me, too.

You wet.
Me, too!