Thursday, September 29, 2016

Environment As Part of the Novel

    Carl Hiaasen incorporates the natural world in his novels for middle/YA readers. His Skink -- No Surrender opens with Skink on the beach, completely submerged in the sand but with small tube to the surface (so he can breath), waiting to catch someone who is stealing turtle eggs. The story twists to Richard, the 14-year old protagonist, who must search for his female friend who has been abducted. Richard uses his knowledge of birds to help him locate her.
    What appears unusual in Hiaasen's novels is how naturally he weaves the environment both into his settings as well as his plot. He reminds us that nature is very much a part of the human experience.

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Friday, September 2, 2016

Climate Change - Solutions?

Children need to see how we humans can deal with climate change, and National Geographic has created this thought-provoking video for them. 

As with other videos, this is only meant to start the conversation. Searches on the internet, at school, and in libraries help to expand a child's understanding as well as his/her own ideas for the future. (They may need to be reminded that they will be part of planning the solution.)

A Way Forward

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Science Book To Keep Child Busy for Weeks

It's one of those reference books where each photo is more amazing that the next. Animal Earth: The Amazing Diversity of Living Creatures by Ross Piper will keep your children busy exploring. It's not as expensive as one would think for its size ($25 for 300 pages of beautiful color photography), but many libraries may have it. But it will keep discussions -- and further research -- going.

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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Science in Action

Ask your child/student to discuss the answers to the following questions (without any study beforehand). Do they want to know the real answer? It's right in the article -- only for the reading!  And great discussion for the two of you.

1. A major problem in many parts of the world -- the illegal killing of animals. Does your child/student have an idea how people are trying to stop it? The answer lies in here:

Illegal Poaching

2. What could roaches offer humans?

Roach benefits

3. What could microrobots and cars have in common?

Microrobots and Cars

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