Thursday, February 28, 2013

Teachers: Many Feeling They Aren't Ready For Common Core

An article in Education Week tells how many teachers are feeling overwhelmed with the idea of teaching Common Core. And they have every reason to feel that way. I find the framework of Common Core -- and where it wants education to head -- incredibly invigorating. However, to translate that theory into practice will take extensive work, and unless teachers are given extensive -- let's repeat that, extensive -- time to digest the core of Common Core, the strength of it will simply disappear into an new reading series, a book of handouts, a series of tests. Common Core is leading our students into digging far deeper (and in ways far more clever) than we have demanded of our students in the past. But are we, the leaders of this movement, up to this? Of course, but only if teachers are given time to experiment, learn, and grow into this new framework.

And parents, too, have to be a part of the new learning, of course. As with "new" math, their children will be coming home with assignments that will look far different from what you parents have seen in the past -- or grew up with themselves. So once we teachers puzzle this all out, it will be time to help you guys along.

Common Core has so much to offer. Let's all do it right.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Cry Of "I'm Bored"

Recent research cited in Education Today states that the student cry of "I'm bored" may really be that the child is finding the work far too difficult, and instead of confessing so (or perhaps not knowing so), the child mislabels her frustrations. A good thing for us teachers and you parents to think about when we hear this refrain...