Friday, September 30, 2011

Self-Esteem -- It's Not Doing What We Thought For Our Kids

     Roy Faumeister and John Tierney recently wrote an excellent book, Willpower. In it they argue against the recent trend to build up a child's self-esteem, saying that studies have shown that children with high self-regard do not translate into leaders in our communities. Their argument is that although doing well does, in fact, raise one's self esteem, raising one's self-esteem does not automatically translate into higher achievement.
     There's so much more in the book. Obviously the topic is willpower, but they cover a huge range of topics. Very engaging.

CADERS (Early Readers): Posting #16

To continue on with the CADERS readers from last year, here is one that uses CVC/CVC. It is for children who know short vowel sounds. This book lets the children string together several short vowel syllables (/pic/ and /nic/), making longer (yet relatively simple) words (picnic).

Refer back to November 14th for a description of CADERS readers.


Camel wanted to have a picnic.
He wanted hot dogs for his picnic.

He asked Piglet to come.
"but I like mash at my picnics" said Piglet.
"Mash is best."
Camel didn't like mash.
He liked hot dogs.

He asked Falcon to come.
"Have rabbits," said Falcon.
"I like rabbits."
Camel like to play with rabbits.
He didn't want them for dinner.

He asked Bobcat and Cricket
to his picnic.
"Have catnip," said Bobcat.
"Have grubs," said Cricket.
Camel wanted hot dogs.

Camel asked Skunk what to do.
"Just spend your picnic
with your friends," said Skunk.
"The food does not matter."

So Camel asked Piglet
and Falcon and Bobcat
and Skunk to his picnic.

And he had his hot dogs.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Family: America's Smallest School

This title says it all, though I'll link to the ETA site that lent me this very basic, powerful idea. The article discusses how early developmental delays the child experience in the home will impact the child for life. Of course. Right now I can think of a child in the kindergarten classroom where I help whom I am fairly certain received little attention during his/her earlier years. Unless s/he suffers from low intellect, it is evident now that much as we try, the teacher and I are making little impact. I so wish we could.

Friday, September 9, 2011

It's Never Too Early to Talk About Bullying

I have strong memories of a girl who bullied me during many of my school days. (We attended all the same schools.) No one paid any attention. I wonder how those days would have been so much better if the issue of bullying had been seen as an issue back then. I can only applaud the work that is being done nowadays. But parents, it is up to you to talk to your child, to make sure s/he is not a victim, to make sure s/he isn't the bully. To educate yourself first, has several good background articles on the topic.

Monday, September 5, 2011

CADERS (Early Readers): Posting #15

I will be continuing the CADERS readers from last year. Go back to November 14th to get an explanation of these books, then look for my posts, title "CADERS (Early Readers)" to copy the stories. (They were first named "Berenson Books.")

This one practices /ing/ and silent e.

Note: These are only meant for parents and teachers. These are not for someone else's website or for selling.

          The King Who Liked To Sing

There was this king.
He liked to sing.
He sang all day long.
"La, la, la, la," he sang.

When he swung on his swing, he sang.
"La, la, la, la."
When he hung by his hands
from a tree, he sang.
"La, la, la, la."
When he banged on his gong, he sang,
"La, la, la, la."

Then one day a bee
stung the king.
When the king tried to sing,
all he could do was go,
"Buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz."

And his hands just wanted to flap.
He couldn't stop.
Buzz, buzz, flap.
Buzz, buzz, flap.
Buzz, buzz, flap.

I like your buzz,"
said his mom.
"I like your flap,"
said his dad.
"Well, I don't,"
said the king.
"I will give gold if you
could help me stop.
I will give you a LOT of gold!"

So if you see a king one day
who is buzzing and flapping,
maybe you can stop
and help him.

Maybe you will be the one
to help him stop.
Maybe you will win
all that gold!

          When I Wake