Monday, January 25, 2010


     So he just knows how to read short vowel words? No problem. There's still so much he can read. That is fun. And silly. 
     Here are a few tongue twisters below I made up that use mostly short vowels. (Okay, so I copied a few of them.) The object is not to help him -- at all. The reward for him once he conquers the words is to get to say the tongue twister over and over -- the faster, the better. Add some acting to it or some running or hopping -- it's amazing how much more fun reading is when you get to hop and run and do skits, right?

NOTE: A) Okay, you can help with the non-short vowel words that are in boldface, but nothing nothing nothing else. B) Periodically I will offer other tongue twisters for other phonic skills.

1. The bass with a bad back Dad whacked with a bat.
2. Will the vet get that pet into a net? Not yet.
3. How many cans can a canner can
    If a canner can can cans?
4. Did Mick quick-kick sick Rick?
5. The duck ducks under a dock.
6. If a fat cat pats a rat,
    Can the fat rat pat the cat back?
7. Of all the felt I ever felt
    I never felt a piece of felt
    That felt the same as that felt
    When I first felt felt.