Friday, March 18, 2011

CADERS (Early Readers), Posting #10

CADERS is moving on to CVC/CVC. These are longer words that have the pattern (short vowels for CVC) the children learn early in their reading, but it allows for more complex words. But let the child take this story slowly. It has MANY CVC/CVC. And there are several good words your child probably won't know and will be great for vocabulary enrichment.

As always, refer back to November 15th posting for a full description of CADERS readers.

         The Game

It was time for the kickoff.
"Hiccup!" went Kevin.

"Shh," said Bob, sitting
next to him. "You hiccup nonstop.
You sound like a chipmunk."

Kevin did not want to sound
like a chipmunk.
So he hit his lunchbox.
He hit his pencil.

"Hiccup!" went Kevin.

A man with a red helmet
looked over at Kevin.
"You are making a racket!" he said.
"If you do not stop,
they will cancel the game."

"Cancel the game?" said Bob.
"Cancel the game," said the man.
So Bob stopped -- just like that.

But then...
"Hiccup!" wen the man.