Saturday, April 30, 2011

CADERS (Early Readers): Posting #12

This booklet moves on to the r-controlled vowels -- ar, er, ir, or, and ur -- along with a number of blends (gr, st, -nd, etc)

(Refer back to November 14th for full explanatin of CADERS readers.)

          A Turnip on Her Head

"I want to look good for my birthday,"
said Bird.

So first she put on a skirt.
Bird looked at herself.
"I need more," she said.

Bird held a purse in her hand.
She put curls in her hair.
"I need more," she said.

So she put a turnip
on her head.
On top of the turnip
she put a fish.
On top of the fish
She put a nest.

And in the nest she put a frog.
On top of the frog
she put a frog in a nest
and the nest on top of a cat
that purred.

Bird whirled and whirled
and looked at herself.
She grinned.

"I look good!" Bird said.
"I am ready for that party!"