Sunday, July 17, 2011

YA Book: Starcrossed by Bunce

     For the most part, fantasy is not my genre, but with so many of our students seeking it, I make sure I read it -- at least, some. Reading StarCrossed by Elizabeth Bunce, however, was an unexpected, quite enjoyable read for me. Bunce, from the onset, introduces a cast of characters that propels the plot and suspense forward. Digger, a thief, flees to a far-flung castle to escape the king's soldiers by way of new friends she accidentally acquires. Her life becomes embroiled with that of the owners of the castle who have just returned from exile. Magic, memories of her past love, hidden chambers, seven moons, missing royalty, locks (that come unlocked in Digger's hands), threats for future war, and, of course, an evil lord who must be overcome, all weave nicely into this quickly-paced drama.