Friday, September 30, 2011

CADERS (Early Readers): Posting #16

To continue on with the CADERS readers from last year, here is one that uses CVC/CVC. It is for children who know short vowel sounds. This book lets the children string together several short vowel syllables (/pic/ and /nic/), making longer (yet relatively simple) words (picnic).

Refer back to November 14th for a description of CADERS readers.


Camel wanted to have a picnic.
He wanted hot dogs for his picnic.

He asked Piglet to come.
"but I like mash at my picnics" said Piglet.
"Mash is best."
Camel didn't like mash.
He liked hot dogs.

He asked Falcon to come.
"Have rabbits," said Falcon.
"I like rabbits."
Camel like to play with rabbits.
He didn't want them for dinner.

He asked Bobcat and Cricket
to his picnic.
"Have catnip," said Bobcat.
"Have grubs," said Cricket.
Camel wanted hot dogs.

Camel asked Skunk what to do.
"Just spend your picnic
with your friends," said Skunk.
"The food does not matter."

So Camel asked Piglet
and Falcon and Bobcat
and Skunk to his picnic.

And he had his hot dogs.