Wednesday, November 16, 2011

CADERS (Early Readers): Trick a Tick (for studying blends, digraphs)

              Trick a Tick

As with the last story posting, this 8-page story is for blends but also includes many digraphs (ch, sh, th, th). It also has some good vocabulary worth discussion with your child.

And, as always, check back on November 14th posting for last year to read an explanation for these CADERS readers postings. (You may still sometimes find them listed under "Berenson Books," but as they were part of a larger program, having two names became much too confusing -- at least for me!)

Directions for creating this 8-page booklet:
1. Click on story title above, then on link that opens under it.
2. Run off story that opens. (If your printer prints double-sided, print only on one side.)
3. Take every other page and turn it upside down. All pages will still face upwards, but every other one will be upside down.
4. Run in copier, double-sided.
5. Fold in middle. Result is 8-page booklet, using only two sheets of paper.
6. If making more than one copy, set copier to "sort."