Monday, November 28, 2011

Online Learning: May Not Yet Be What We Think

   There's an intriguing article in Education Week this week that tells of studies in Colorado and Minnesota, describing how students who complete all their studies online are not keeping pace with traditional classrooms. Who knew? I had assumed that already flesh-and-blood teachers would be running a fast race against online learning -- after all, look at the way our children take to online games, both educational and recreational. The article also reports there's even some question as to the financial incentives some of these online schools have. (Now that I had always suspected.)
    But of course there are huge advantages to online learning -- most importantly, its ability to individualize --and I think such companies just haven't discovered what they can do and what we traditional teachers can't do (given the numbers of children in any classroom). How often we've wanted some great program that will take our most struggling students -- or our brightest -- and let them soar...