Sunday, March 3, 2013

Brain-Based Learning --- How Amazing It All Is

Okay, the title I gave this post is really for me. I had heard of brain-based learning a good 15 years ago, and just figured it was another "pop" reading intervention that would soon fade. What I did not know was brain-based learning was based on the fMRIs, new to the field of learning in those days but oh! what it allowed researchers to do. My own stupidity and loss -- I didn't try to educate myself on the work, so now, 15 years later, I came across two books on the topic and became mesmerized. Maryanne Wolfe's Proust and the Squid, a professor from Tufts, takes an educational view toward the field; I found her book enthralling, with detailed research that answered so much. Stanislas Dehaeine's Reading In the Brain is more science-based, but even as I floundered on some of his explanations, I was just as riveted to his words.

It's been 8 months since I read both of these books so I am at a loss to intelligently summarize both books without harming them. When I have reread them - and I am itching to -- I will again post and this time talk about them in detail. I used both books in giving a presentation to parents at my school months ago, and follow-up comments from them was extremely positive. I worried I had overburdened them with studies and facts.  Instead, "We want more," was the comment I got.