Monday, March 4, 2013

Here's Hoping Common Core Keeps Its Novel Edge

An award-winning principal who wrote a book all about the positives of Common Core is beginning to have second thoughts. It appears that some districts and/or states apparently view Common Core in much the same way as No Child Left Behind. It's a complete shame. Common Core promises invigorating classrooms where students delve into real-world projects that encourage them to use all their academic skills to solve the project. This is so like the model John Dewey advocated 50 years ago, and is much the reason I entered education. So now this worries me -- within a one or two-year turn around, can our states truly accept Common Core for all the excitement and dynamic learning it can provide? Exactly how will your state/district translate Common Core for your child? After all, isn't a riveting classroom the best one to learn in?