Friday, March 1, 2013

Want to Get Your Kids Reading? Take Her To See the Authors

The biggest known secret around is this -- if you want to get your child reading, help her school bring in a (good!) author. There's something magical about putting a face to a book, to hear the author tell how he developed the idea for the book, that ignites the students listening to want to read his book. And then his next book, and other books...

Now bringing in some of the major authors can cost big bucks -- you have to foot the bill of the airfare, the lodgings, and, of course, the honorarium. But many cities have excellent children's authors right in their midsts. You also might be able to work together with a local bookstore or book event that is already bringing in an author.

Just be sure to screen the books of any author you select. Some, although calling themselves "children's authors," are not. And some other authors really don't write well. (It often depends who published their book. And if they are self-published, how much screening their books went through. The best way to determine quality is simply to read the book(s) yourself.)

Or if bringing in an author doesn't work for you, check around and see if any are coming to your town soon. Your child will love seeing an author of a book they admire. They will.